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So glad you’re interested in creating some beautiful memories of your family with me! This page is titled “investment” for a good reason. The newborn photographer market is over-saturated currently. There are so  many choices for customers and it can be overwhelming to try and figure out why some photographers offer sessions for $50 and you get to keep all of the images from your session and then other photographers charge up to $400 for the session fee and you still have to spend a print minimum of $200 per session! Well, you can probably guess that the $50 sessions probably won’t yield the images you want, but are at an appealing price point! This doesn’t mean that your children aren’t cute in the pictures but that the quality of the image is not.

Check out these comparisons. All my work, but they are an obvious progression of my talent, and an even better example of what I’m talking about. Anyone can pick up their DSLR and maybe even put on a fancy lens, but unless you know how to use your camera, you’re going to end up with mediocre images at best. (I promise I’ll get to my pricing after these pics!)

baby diff

Image on the left makes me want to cry! This was THE first “session” I shot, (meaning I went to visit my friend that had her baby and I practiced!) Clearly it’s too dark among other things! Image on the right: sweet!

toddler diff

Obviously both babies are CUTE. Baby on left: one of my first sessions ever. Lighting, skin tones, and don’t get me started on the backdrop. Baby on right: See the difference?

senior diff

Top image is gray, too shadowed, and just kind of eh. Bottom, I don’t really need to say anything, right?

wedding diff

Wedding on the left was my cousin’s, (was shooting as a guest!) Blue tones? Gross! Wedding on the right, I shot last summer. Much better!

newborn diff

Yikes! My son on top: it hurts to look at the colors, the lighting the pose. Bottom: my most recent in studio. See the difference?


None of these examples are meant to bash any new photographers, rather they’re to be a justification of my prices. Everyone starts somewhere and I too offered less expensive sessions where my clients were given all of the session images on a cd. Unfortunately, with an increase in skill and knowledge, comes an increase in price. Not many people are aware of just how much time photographers put into a session. Think: planning location, styling, prop searches, shooting at the session, travel to and from, babysitter coordination, uploading, sorting sorting, editing times two, uploading to a gallery and then print ordering and shipping to clients! Whew!

Custom photography sessions begin at $150 for a fully unique session, (this is the basic studio fee for a portrait studio session. Session fees vary with types of sessions. Please submit an inquiry for more specific information). Many different packages are available to choose from and all include between two and five prints with the digital files associated with your choices. Additional prints are ordered a la carte to make sure your products are the highest quality.


I truly hope to book a session with you and your family! I love becoming friends with my clients and watching your children grow!





Jennifer Kohl Photography specializes in Newborn, Baby, Family, Lifestyle, Birth and Senior Portrait Photography in Birmingham, Michigan and surrounding areas including but not limited to Detroit.







  • Marybeth kilburn - I’m interested in your services for my cousins wedding on July 19th. By any chance are you avaliable? If so could you send me your wedding prices?ReplyCancel

  • Angela Flesher - Hi Jenn! I got your contact information from my friend Jen McIntosh. My family is searching for a go-to photographer for years to come. We want someone with skill (obviously :)) and whose prices we can afford to handle for at least once or twice as our kids are growing up. We have a 3 year old son and a 7 month old son. We did portraits for our 3 year old when he was 1, but the cost was SO high, that we just couldn’t continue with that photographer. We are really interested in a photographer who does mini sessions sometimes for clients (so that when we don’t want to spend a ton because it’s only been 6 months or something, we can still capture a few sweet pics), and a photographer that allows us to buy the digital files since this is obviously the age of facebook! 🙂 Can you tell me a little bit about your pricing options? I’ve seen a lot of Jen’s pics, so I know your work is beautiful! Thanks 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Alaina Warfield - I am interested in photographs for our newborn. Are you willing to travel outside of the Detroit area?ReplyCancel

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