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Family sessions are so much fun!  I truly feel at home with these sessions. And honestly, the chaos that your kids may bring? I've seen it all before...I welcome the challenge! :) My favorite images are the ones of your family being YOU! I love getting to know your family, interact with your kids, and freezing time for you, so that way into the future, you can look back and gush over this brief period of time. After all, kids grow so fast, don't they? 

I will say ridiculous things to get those real smiles. I will tickle them and have them be silly and tickle each other. I will not make your family sit still and look at the camera and say CHEEEEESE for an hour. Your kids being who they are, is what makes your family unique. You may think this time in your life is exhausting…maybe you’re still in that interrupted sleep phase (does it ever end, really?) But in a year you may forget that silly face your 3-year-old makes, or that lovey he never leaves home without, (by the way, bring that lovey for some pics!)

I can’t wait to meet you and your family soon!

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