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Dance, my dear.

It's been a LONG, emotional, weird, frustrating 62 days. For all of us. I'd like to think the adults are feeling it more than the kids because we know so much more, but our kids feel it too. I think my daughter, Eliza, has taken quarantine the hardest. She's the one who mourned the loss of school immediately and the longest. She missed her teachers and friends SO much, and so much of "schooling" is pure socialization when you're a preschooler.

We had just bought her a new pair of Converse for her hip-hop-tumble class because her feet had grown, and by the time they arrived our world changed. We're blessed enough to have been healthy this entire time and fortunate enough that I can stay home and play school teacher, but I will say times have been TOUGH. For Eliza, she was finally really into her school routine and loving dance class!

My friend in another state posted pictures of her girls who were able to have dance pictures taken with a photographer so I decided that would help ease the sadness of missing pictures and maybe make up for not having a recital if/WHEN it comes to that. Tonight, Eliza felt confident, beautiful, and strong and she shined to bright. I cannot believe we made her and shes OURS. I also cannot believe the amount of sass that is already coming from that tiny body! We just love you so, Eliza. Keep marching to that rock start beat!


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