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Sister lovin'

I take my kids to this little spot off the side of the road every August. I think the lot is for sale and I almost want to buy it just to make sure I can continue to use it once a year forever. This year I already dragged all four kids a different day for sibling pictures, and my boys are at their grandma's so when I stumbled across their bell-bottom overalls just hanging unused in their closets, I hatched my plan for a sister session. The temperature was perfection and that sunlight was what I pray for every session!

The world is so on edge, so worn out, and so confusing right now. This session gave me back some joy that I have seen slip away lately. Doing something I LOVE with these little ladies I love so much was just what I needed. My wish is for everyone to find one thing they LOVE right now and stop and DO IT.

Sisters are a mystery to me, as I grew up with one brother. There's so much to unpack within their relationship...jealousy in particular, (what's up with that?) I can't wait to see them grow up together and have each other's backs.

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