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Evie has arrived!

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Jennifer Kohl Photography

Beverly Hills, MI Lifestyle Photographer

She has been anxiously awaited by me, her auntie! My brother's fist-born, his little, teeny, precious, Evelyn Sunshine. When family lives far away, it's never fun, but it's a million times worse when huge, life-changing events occur. This one in particular was rough on me. My baby brother finally had a baby!!! But I already had my flight booked to go visit and to capture as many images for them as I could, as well as as many snuggles as I could fit in.

Evie, you are small but SO mighty, as is your mama. She brought you into this world in the exact way she wanted to, with more strength than she probably ever knew she had. I'm so proud of you, Laura, for your commitment to something so natural and beautiful. I cannot wait to watch our little ladies grow along side each other and make cousin memories to last forever!

Welcome, Evie! Your home is filled with light, love, and a sweet fur-brother who loves you too!

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