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Jack's BIRTH

Jennifer Kohl Photography

Beverly Hills, MI Birth Photographer

Birth is the BEST rush of adrenaline! This mama was ready for her third baby to arrive, and I was tasked as the backup shooter for a dear photographer friend of mine (because you HAVE to back yourself up when you're a birth photographer). I was lucky enough to be able to step in when needed, and run over to the hospital to meet this mama (yes we met that day!) She is as beautiful on the the inside as she is on the outside (and guys, look at her, that's what she looks like GIVING BIRTH...she's like a supermodel!)

I LOVED getting to meet and chat with your oldest son, Liam. He's such a gem. It was an honor to witness your sweet Jack make his grand entrance. Thank you for trusting me with these memories!

xoxo Jenn

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