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Kohl Cousins 2016

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Jennifer Kohl Photography

Beverly Hills, MI Child Photographer

Another year, another cousin added! This session was leaps and bounds easier than last year, even with a two-year-old. I guess the key is that the two-year-old is not my own child! The kids were GREAT! A little reasoning behind the location Eastern Market....These cousins' great grandfather started his business in Detroit and moved to Eastern Market in 1939 (Atlas Importing Company). So it seemed fitting that this was the location of this year's cousin session, aka, YiaYia's birthday gift...4th year running. I loved using the market after hours. Empty and expansive, with just these 6 voices to ring throughout. Such great light and backdrop. The opposite of the empty shed was the walk to the amazing graffiti on a nearby street wall. So much color and fun! As always, a bribe was well planned...this year, cookies and milk!

When I first loaded these images and scrolled through, I got continually more and more giddy at how well they turned out. I could've busted out of my skin with happiness seeing these cousins and their raw, unfiltered excitement with just being with each other. The love they share is beautiful...I wish I could bottle it, mass produce, and share it with the world...wouldn't that be an amazing thing?

So happy that my little ones and nephews were perfect participants. We came away with more usable images (and without editing images together) than I could've imagines. YiaYia will be thrilled with her pictures this year and will display them proudly!

Last man standing. Milk spilled.

©Copyright 2019 by jennifer kohl photography | metro detroit michigan photographer

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