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Welcome to the World, Samuel!

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Jennifer Kohl Photography

Beverly Hills, MI Birth Photographer

What a glorious invitation Mike & Jill extended to me, to be witness to a miracle! Samuel is the third baby they were expecting so Jill is a pro by now. But this was her first birth at the Karmanos Natural Birthing center at the hospital. This center is incredible. It's so much like a spa, it was even a treat for me just being there all day! Beautiful, serene, comfortable...everything an expectant and laboring mama deserves! Jill was amazing. So calm, so focused, and honestly so relaxed...enough so, that at one point we had to change from soothing music to a full-on, Bruno Mars dance party!

I truly am honored to have seen Sammy's entrance into this world! Welcome, buddy! You are LOVED.

©Copyright 2019 by jennifer kohl photography | metro detroit michigan photographer

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